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Week of April 20 – Grafton

This week we are learning about Earth Day and Recycling. Here is a message from Miss Jamie.

Miss Claire wanted to share a story with you this week.

And here is Miss Cortney …

Sensory bottles are a great way to recycle old materials into a new item. Take some time inside and out to find cool small objects. Next, place them into a water bottle, a harder bottle like one from Gatorade does hold up better. Sensory bottles can be done both with dry and wet ingredients, if you choose to add water, experiment with liquids with different density like oil. Lastly, make sure to secure the lid with either tape or hot glue.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough this week to do some gross motor exercise outside. Have the kids help get the garden beds and yard ready for summer. You can also print out the scavenger hunt from the link below to see what you can find in your yard or  take it on a hike with you.

Kids in the kitchen is a great way to work on math and many other skills. Use pretzels sticks and cut grapes to make a tree. Then, see who can put the most leaves on your tree.

Tree Snack for Kids

Dinosaur garbage truck is an app where the children drive around and  collect materials to take to a recycle center. At the center they break objects down and send them to different areas to be reused or to create energy to make new items. Check out “Dinosaur Garbage Truck – Games for kids”