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Week of April 27 – Colgate

This week we are learning about Transportation. Here is a special message from Miss Kathryn:

Check out these links to Miss Morgen sharing a book: and Miss Kathryn sharing a book as well:

Miss Veronica wanted to share another song this week:

Gross Motor Activity of the Week:
Transportation yoga is a great way to get moving this week, follow along or use the websites free printables! What other vehicles can you move like?

Draw with Cars for a special Transportation Week Art Project:
Put some printer paper together and tape markers to the fronts of some of your cars. Then your off to the races.

Here’s a Fun Snack Activity:
Traffic light snack – Use some crackers with peanut butter to make stop lights with red, yellow, and green fruit.

App of the week:

Learning transportation vehicles app has different mini games that let children work on their matching, classifying, and identification skill. While having fun and learning about different air, water and land vehicles. 

Cover art