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Week of May 11 – Grafton

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! We love learning about those awesome Creepy Crawlies! Here is a special message from Miss Jamie all about the fun things we will be doing this week:

Miss Claire would like to share a book called Bugs, Bugs, Bugs:

Gross Motor Activity – Bug Number Line

Now that the weather is a bit nicer, this would be a fun activity to do outside if you are looking for something more than just “free play” outdoors. Here is a link to print colored bug that are numbered 1-20: . You need to create an account on Teachers Pay Teachers, but the download is free; but I am sure the creative moms and dads out there can create their own flowers as well. You can tailor this game to whatever developmental level your child is at, but basically, you place the numbers randomly on the ground and when you call out a number your child has to jump to that bug. Here are a few more variations of the game:

  • Placing the numbers in the correct order to form a number line and jump along it
  • Using different gross motor skills to get between numbers including hopping, skipping and jumping
  • Counting backwards from 20 to 1
  • Jumping on odd numbers and then even numbers
  • Jumping in fives

This activity can be found on:

***FREE*** This is a set of insects, numbered 0-20, to use for early learners. Large pieces for little hands. Insects included are: ant, cicada, ladybug, rhinoceros beetle, grasshopper, bee, mosquito, cricket, dragonfly and butterfly. Use for number sequencing, number matching (print 2 copies), insect matching, vocabulary, recognition. 11 pages.:

Cooking Activity: This week, you can get creative with healthy bug-themed snacks. Here are some fun ideas taken from:

Bug Theme Healthy Snacks for Kids--These are the CUTEST healthy snacks. Perfect for spring! And a great addition to our preschool insect theme

Bug Art: A fun bug art project can be making Name Caterpillars. Here is a sample:

Preschool craft Spelling Names with Alphabet and number caterpillars

App of the Week: If you are looking for a new app this week, there are several Very Hungry Caterpillar aps available. This one is highly rated:

Cover art