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Week of May 25 – Colgate

Hi Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to spend some time outdoors with the gorgeous weather we have had. This week we are learning all about Summer.

Here is a message from Miss Kathryn:

Miss Veronica wanted to share some songs with you this week … enjoy Mr Sun: and Summer’s Here:

Miss Morgen wanted to share a book called Let’s Go Froggy:

Gross Motor Summer Activity: Here’s a fun gross motor movement game. Click the image of the beachball on the page linked below and you can print out the Activity Cards. Let your child pick a card and do the action described.

A fun summer-themed Kids in the Kitchen activity can be making this super-cute sunshine snack. What else can you make sunshine snacks from?

Smiling Sun Snack

Summer Art Project: Save your popsicle sticks … use them for this super cute art project:

Popsicle Summer Art Craft for Preschoolers, Kindergarten, or ...

App of the Week – Weather and Seasons Cards: This language app teaches children about weather and seasons.

Screenshot Image