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Week of May 25 – Grafton

Hi Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to spend some time outdoors with the gorgeous weather we have had. This week we are focusing on Music.

Here is a message from Miss Jamie:

Miss Kira wanted to share a song with you this week … enjoy:

Gross Motor Music Activity: Here’s a song we dance to at school often. Have fun dancing to it with your little one at home:

A fun Music-themed Kids in the Kitchen activity can be making this super-cute xylophone snack.

Music Art Project: Paper Plate Music Shaker. All you need is a paper plate, tape or staples, markers, and popcorn seeds (or something else to make the noise. Check out the complete directions here:

paper plate shaker craft

App of the Week – Music Kids:

This app helps children explore musical instruments, different sounds, and exposes them to a variety of different musical skills. Check it out!

Cover art